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Float the Boat

At this moment the institute is renewing its efforts to complete the final stages of hull construction of its name sake vessel, the 113’ steel topsail schooner, Island Rover.  Having been strategically constructed from surplus naval shipbuilding materials Island Rover is a tangible example of how waste mitigation principles can be put into action.  She will ultimately be used as a platform to facilitate educational programs for youth.  Through operating education under sail programs she will empower our youth and open doors to both continuing education and industry career opportunities, not only learning but living important conservation principles.  Revitalizing the shipbuilding legacy of Freeport and drawing inspiration from the generations of seafarers who have sailed the world’s oceans from these shores, the implication that the launching of this ship has on the blending of maritime heritage and the modern principles of sustainability and conservation is monumental. 


How Can You Help?

  • Talk about us. Through building both a strong local community and wide network of supporters our momentum will continue to grow and new opportunities will be realized.  Expressing your support for the construction of this ship and the implementation of her educational programming will strengthen our mission, continue building a solid foundation beneath the organization, and help spread the institutional values to future generations. 


  • Make Connections. With our recognized immediate need for support and finances please help us to make the strategic connections that will allow us to progress forward with vessel construction and program development. 


  • Contribute. With our accelerated timeline for Phase 1 capital fundraising, we need definitive monetary donations.  We have worked diligently to generate a transparent budget and plan of action for completing this phase in a timely and economic manor.  At this pivotal moment Island Rover needs decisive generosity.  At whatever level you are capable of donating, every dollar will put us closer to a successful launch, and put us closer to having the opportunity to set sail with a full complement of eager and enthusiastic youth.

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