Island Rover Institute demonstrates the concepts of industrial conservation: reduce, reuse, refurbish, reutilize, remanufacture, and recycle as a means to educate youth on the principles of resource conservation and waste mitigation. 

Ship Specifications

Length Overall: 113 ft

Length On Deck: 89 ft 

Beam: 22 ft

Draft: 10 ft

Displacement: 110 tons

Accomodation: 25 persons

- Hull design by William Peterson

- Constructed with surplus naval shipbuilding materials

- Engineered to blend cutting edge technologies and the time honored simplicities of sail training vessels 

- Under construction in Freeport, Maine

Island Rover is built as a platform to facilitate educational programs for youth.  Through operating education under sail programs she will empower our youth and open doors to both continuing education and industry career opportunities.